Did aristotle believe slavery?

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Aristotle, like many of his contemporaries, believed that slavery was a natural and necessary part of society. He thought that some people were naturally suited to be slaves, and that it was their duty to serve their masters. Aristotle believed that slavery was beneficial to both slaves and masters, and that it was a just and natural institution.

What did Aristotle believe about humans?

Aristotle believed that humans are the most perfect form of life on Earth. He believed that humans have the ability to reason, which makes them unique. He also believed that humans are able to experience happiness and sadness, which makes them unique.

How did Aristotle view man?

Aristotle's view of man was that man was a rational creature that could reason and think abstractly. He believed that man had a natural inclination to be good, and that through education and experience, man could learn to be virtuous.

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