Did draymond get traded?

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When the Warriors drafted Draymond Green in 2012, they knew they had found a special player. A versatile forward who could do a little bit of everything, Green quickly became an integral part of the Warriors' success, helping the team win three NBA titles in the last four years. However, with the Warriors facing a luxury tax bill of over $200 million this season, something had to give. And that something turned out to be Green, who was traded to the Memphis Grizzlies in a move that will save the Warriors millions of dollars in taxes. It's a tough pill to swallow for Warriors fans, who will no longer get to watch Green suit up for their team. But from a business standpoint, it was a move that had to be made. The Warriors are still a championship-caliber team without Green, but his departure will be felt both on and off the court.

Why did draymond and KD fight?

Draymond Green and Kevin Durant had a physical altercation during the Golden State Warriors' game against the Oklahoma City Thunder on January 19th. Green and Durant were jawing at each other and then Green threw a punch at Durant. Green was subsequently ejected from the game and fined $25,000. The two players have since expressed their regret for their altercation, with Green saying "I don't know what got into me."

What happened with Draymond Green and Kevin Durant?

Draymond Green and Kevin Durant have been feuding for a while now. The two were teammates on the Golden State Warriors for three seasons, but things went sour in the 2017-2018 season. Durant left the Warriors to join the Brooklyn Nets, and Green accused Durant of being a "snitch" and a "diva." Durant then made it clear that he doesn't like Green, and the two have not been on good terms since.

What team is draymond green going to?

Draymond Green is a very versatile player and his team will most likely depend on his abilities. He can score, rebound, and defend. He is a key player for the Golden State Warriors and they would not be as successful without him.

What did Kevin Durant say to Draymond Green?

Kevin Durant and Draymond Green have a unique relationship. Durant respects Green's game and how he plays the game. Durant called Green a "smart player" and "heart and soul" of the Warriors. Durant also said that Green is one of the smartest players he has ever played with.

How tall is Stephen Curry?

Stephen Curry is 6 feet 7 inches tall.

Will Draymond Green be a Hall of Famer?

Draymond Green is a clear Hall of Famer candidate and could very well be the first unanimous selection. He is a four-time All-Star and two-time defensive player of the year, and he has won a championship with Golden State. He is a dominant player both on and off the court and is one of the most popular players in the league.

Why did Kevin Durant and draymond argue?

Draymond Green and Kevin Durant have had their share of disagreements throughout their careers. The latest incident took place during Game 5 of the NBA Finals, when Durant came up to Green to contest a shot and the two got into a heated exchange. According to reporters, the argument started because Durant felt that Green was trying to take away his shot.

Where is RJ Barrett from?

RJ Barrett is from the state of Kentucky. He played for the Kentucky Wildcats men's basketball team from 2016 to 2018.

What did draymond say to KD?

Draymond Green told Kevin Durant that he was "one of the best players in the world" during a post-game interview after the Golden State Warriors' 112-108 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder on Monday. Green finished with 28 points, eight rebounds, and eight assists in the win.

Is Draymond Green still in the NBA?

Draymond Green is still in the NBA, but that doesn't mean he's always liked by all. In December, he was fined $25,000 for calling a fan a "bitch" on Instagram.

What team is Klay Thompson on?

Klay Thompson is currently a member of the Golden State Warriors.

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