Did honey boo boo ever win a pageant?

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Yes, Honey Boo Boo has won several pageants. In 2012, she won the "Toddlers and Tiaras" pageant, as well as the "Little Miss Georgia" pageant. She also won the "Little Miss United States" pageant in 2013.

Did Honey Boo Boo lose mom?

Honey Boo Boo's mother, June Shannon, died in June of last year at the age of 62. Prior to her death, Shannon was a regular on the show, making occasional appearances and helping her daughter with her various endeavors.

Does Geno go to jail?

Geno is arrested for the murder of the mayor and is taken to jail. He is locked up in a dark cell and has no idea what is going to happen to him.

How did Momma June go blind?

Momma June became blind after a car accident. She was a passenger in a car that was hit by a truck. She was taken to the hospital with a severe head injury, and she was told that she would never see again. However, Momma June's determination and faith helped her to overcome her blindness. She learned to read Braille, and she started a nonprofit organization called "Blind Girls Inc." which helps blind girls and women become successful. Momma June is an inspiring figure who has shown everyone that there is always something to be proud of, even if you are blind.

Does Mama June have custody of Alana?

Mama June does have custody of Alana. Alana has lived with her since her birth and Mama June has been her primary caregiver. Mama June is Alana's legal guardian and will be able to make decisions on Alana's behalf.

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