Did hugh laurie appear in friends?

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Yes, Hugh Laurie appeared in Friends. He played Ross's (David Schwimmer) boss, Charlie Wheeler, in four episodes of the show's eighth season. Laurie's character was a love interest for Ross, and the two characters dated for a time. Laurie is best known for his role as the title character in the medical drama House, which ran for eight seasons on Fox. He has also starred in the films The Night Manager and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Is Stephen Fry's nose broken?

Stephen Fry's nose is not broken, but it is bruised.

Why did Edelstein leave house?

Edelstein left the house because he was tired of living in the same place with his family. He wanted to move out and experience new things.

Is Meredith and Alex Friends in real life?

Meredith and Alex are friends in real life, but they do not always see eye to eye. They have their differences, but they always manage to work them out.

Did House appear on Friends?

House appeared on Friends in the episode "The One with the Cake" where he helped cure Chandler's serious case of food poisoning.

How much does Lisa Edelstein make per episode?

Lisa Edelstein is paid an estimated $200,000 per episode for her work on House.

Is House really a doctor?

House is a doctor, but he is not a real doctor. He is a former doctor who has been diagnosed with a disease and has to use his smarts and wits to figure out how to treat himself.

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