Did neutrogena discontinue clean volume shampoo?

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It's official, Neutrogena has discontinued their Clean Volume Shampoo. This news has left many of the shampoo's fans devastated. The shampoo was a favorite among those who loved its light, volumizing formula. Neutrogena has not given a clear reason for why they have decided to discontinue the shampoo. However, some speculate that it may be due to the shampoo's lack of popularity in recent years. Whatever the reason, Neutrogena's decision to discontinue the shampoo is sure to leave many disappointed. If you're a fan of the Neutrogena Clean Volume Shampoo, don't despair just yet. While the shampoo is no longer being produced, you may still be able to find it at some retailers. So, be sure to check your local stores before giving up hope of ever using the shampoo again.

How often should you use Neutrogena anti-residue shampoo?

There is no one definitive answer to this question since everyone's hair is different and will require different amounts of shampoo to remove all the residue. However, generally speaking, you should use Neutrogena anti-residue shampoo every time you wash your hair.

Is Neutrogena anti-residue shampoo sulfate free?

Neutrogena is an anti-residue shampoo sulfate free which means it does not contain sulfates which can be harmful to the hair. Sulfates can strip the hair of its natural oils which can lead to dryness, frizz, and damage.

Is clarifying shampoo the same as anti-residue?

Clarifying shampoo is specifically designed to remove excess oils and residues from hair. Anti-residue shampoo is a general term for a type of shampoo that is specifically designed to remove residue from hair.

What type of shampoos cleanse the hair without correcting any special conditions?

Shampoos that are labeled as "cleansing" shampoos are meant to remove dirt, oil, and product build-up from the hair without correcting any special conditions. These types of shampoos are generally safe to use on most hair types, but may not be ideal for people with coarser or more porous hair.

Is Neutrogena anti residue shampoo good for hair?

Neutrogena anti residue shampoo is a good choice for people with sensitive hair. It is gentle enough for daily use, but still effective at removing residue and pollutants.

What's the difference between clarifying shampoo and regular shampoo?

Clarifying shampoo is designed to remove built-up products and residue from the hair, while regular shampoo is designed to clean the hair.

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