Did queen do the whole highlander soundtrack?

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The Highlander soundtrack is one of the most iconic and well-loved movie soundtracks of all time. But did you know that the Queen band actually wrote and performed the entire thing? That's right - every single note of the Highlander soundtrack was written and performed by Queen. The movie's producer, Peter Davis, had been a big fan of the band, and so he asked them to do the soundtrack. Queen agreed, and set to work writing an epic, anthemic score that would perfectly complement the film's high-stakes story. The result is a soundtrack that is as iconic as the movie itself, full of unforgettable tracks like "Who Wants to Live Forever" and "Princes of the Universe". To this day, the Highlander soundtrack remains one of the most popular and beloved movie soundtracks of all time. It's a true classic, and a fitting tribute to the immense talent of Queen.

Why can there only be one Highlander?

The question of why there can only be one Highlander has been debated for centuries. Some say it is because the bloodlines of the MacLeod and Fraser clans are so closely intertwined that it is impossible for two people to be true Highlanders. Others argue that the highlanders are a warrior people and as such, only one of their kind is capable of fulfilling the role of clan leader. Whatever the reason, the legend of the Highlander persists and remains one of the most iconic and romantic tales of all time.

Why does the Queen song One Vision end with fried chicken?

The song "One Vision" by Queen ends with the line, "And I want my chicken fried." This line is a reference to the Southern dish of fried chicken. The song is a tribute to the Southern United States, where the dish is popular.

When did Queen do Highlander soundtrack?

Queen did the soundtrack for Highlander in 1986.

Did Queen wrote it's A Kind of Magic for Highlander?

Queen wrote "A Kind of Magic" for Highlander. The song tells the story of a love that can never be, and is a metaphor for the Scottish Highlands.

What is the name of the song from Highlander?

The song from Highlander is titled "The Ballad of the Scottish Resistance."

Does Freddie Mercury sing fried chicken?

No, Freddie Mercury does not sing fried chicken. This urban legend originated from a 1980s British TV commercial for the KFC chain in which Mercury is shown singing and dancing to the song "KFC." The commercial was banned in some countries for its suggestive content, and it has since been dubbed the "Freddie Mercury fried chicken commercial."

What Queen album is one vision on?

Queen’s album "A Night at the Opera" is often cited as one vision. The album is a concept album that tells the story of a night in the life of the opera house. The album features a variety of styles, including rock, opera, and classical.

Who wrote Killer Queen?

Queen wrote Killer Queen in 1975, as a follow-up to her 1973 album Sheer Heart Attack. The song is about a female who is a killer and is unafraid to show it.

How many songs did Queen do for Highlander?

Queen did two songs for Highlander. "The Game" and "I Want To Break Free."

Who did the soundtrack for Highlander?

The soundtrack for Highlander was composed by Greek composer Vangelis, who also worked on the music for Blade Runner. The music is known for its epic and ominous sound, and is often cited as one of the greatest soundtracks of all time.

What Highlander songs did Queen write?

Queen wrote many Highlander songs including "The Show Must Go On," "We Will Rock You," and "Somebody to Love."

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