Could there be a fallout movie?

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Yes, there could definitely be a fallout movie! And it would be amazing! The post-apocalyptic world of Fallout is one of the most unique and interesting settings in all of gaming, and it would make for a great movie. The possibilities are endless, and a Fallout movie could really capture the essence of the games. Of course, it would be a challenge to translate the open-ended nature of the games into a linear narrative, but it could be done. And if done well, a Fallout movie could be one of the most epic and awesome films ever made.

How many endings does Fallout New Vegas have?

There are a whopping 97 endings in Fallout: New Vegas. Some of these endings are dependent upon the player’s actions, while others are determined by the choices made by the companions the player has recruited along the way. Some endings are more important than others, but all of them provide a satisfying conclusion to the game.

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