Did the saxons fight the romans?

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When the Romans invaded Britain in 43 AD, they met stiff resistance from the native Celtic tribes. The most powerful of these tribes were the Britons, who occupied the southern part of the island. The Britons had been fighting the Romans for years, and they were determined to drive them out of their homeland. The Saxons were a Germanic tribe who lived in what is now northwestern Germany. In the late 4th century, the Saxons began to raid Roman Britain. At first, they were just raiders, but eventually they settled in eastern England. The Saxons were fierce warriors, and they quickly began to push the Britons back. The Britons appealed to the Romans for help, but the Romans were busy fighting other enemies and couldn't afford to send troops to Britain. The Britons were on their own. The Saxons continued to push the Britons back, and by the early 6th century, they had control of most of England. The Britons were forced to retreat to the western part of the island, where they built a strong fortification called Hadrian's Wall. The Saxons and the Britons continued to fight each other, but neither side was able to gain a decisive victory. The conflict eventually faded away, and the two groups began to live in peace.

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